Features: Best Music For Sandbox Adventure Games This asset pack perfectly fits for wholesome sandbox games, simulation games, adventure happy story games. If you listen to this music, you will feel exciting encounters with cute characters.And you can imagine the world surrounded by nature such as the colorful forests and the lovely view of the […]

I want to inform you that new music asset will be published on May 21st ! “Dark Gothic Mysterious Game Music” As you can hear, this BGM material collection is full of madness. It would be said that it expresses “The awakening of madness” and “Beyond the horror”. Scary, frightening, Suspense, Intense, and sentimental.This perfectly […]

Game Music Asset Vol.7 “DARK GOTHIC MYSTERIOUS GAME MUSIC” This music asset perfectly fits for survival horror games, adventure games, dark fantasy games,and will be expected to go on sale on May, 23.

Music Asset Vol.6 “Legendary Boss Fight Game Music” will be sold this weekend!! Woohoo!! When you create something, you want to create something only you can express.That is the pleasure of creation. yea I know that. Of course there are many difficulties in creating. It will take years to complete a game. In the process, […]

This is a good news for Japanese doujin game creators. I have started selling music assets at DLsite, a major doujin sales platform in Japan.They are also included a version of MPEG-4 AAC files as a bonus.And I’m planning to roll it out to English DLsite. In addition, I have a good news for game […]