Today I want to show you something very interesting. Here’s a video showing how I compose. This movie is a part of the project data of the song “The Evil Sacrifice Archenemies” I posted last time. I always use Logic Pro X. How I built on project from Isao Yamaguchi on Vimeo. In this movie, […]

Every month, on the 5th and 20th, I go out of the studio and breathe new air. I respect Finnish teachings and believe that digital detox is very important. So I quit all instant SNS in business. The noise of information is too much and exhausts me. I’ve been taught that engaging and communicating with […]

I had received an exclusive interview with 100Audio, a company that operates stock music platform in China. A celebration video for the Chinese New Year is also included. You can see the inside of the production studio with photos and videos. In the interview, I’ve talked in depth about comments and predictions about the future […]