Vol.8 “Atelier Sandbox Game Music” This asset will perfectly fits for sandbox, wholesome, cooperative simulation games. For amateur creators, this asset will be sold cheaper than the regular asset series. This will be released in a week or two. In addition, I have a plan for the production of Vol.9 Asset. I can’t give you […]

Today, Japan’s Prime Minister has declared a month-long state of emergency for the prefecture where I live due to the spread of COVID-19. Though, I can accept the request of creating music with no worries because I’m creating music in my home studio. I am preventing infectious diseases as much as possible. Please be careful, […]

This site has been changed to PHP 7.3 to improve usability such as loading speed and security. In addition, various details have been improved, and the page speed has become very fast. Please add a bookmark to this SSL-encrypted URL so that you can access the site safely. https://airyluvs.com And from now on, I am […]