This page summarizes the FAQ concerning the request of music.

Especially for those who are asking for STUDIO AIRY LUVS for the first time, I am wondering if there are various concerns, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could read this.

Q. Is it possible to re-edit songs that are published on the Internet?

Of course it is possible. It can be accepted cheaply than when newly producing music.

Please list the song title and posting URL so that there is no mistake, please tell us the details of your desired reediting.


Q, In the reediting of the sound source, what kind of requests are many?

Adjustment of time scale adjusted for video Addition of intro and outro
· Loop processing (ogg file formatization)
· Change of instrument parts
· Change of key modulation BPM (tempo)
Even those who do not have expertise about music, we can respond if you can tell only the image.


Q, I do not have time, so I want you to make songs soon.

Usually, from the request to submitting the provisional sound source We have received a waiting time of about one week if it is an instrument music piece,

We are preparing “Speed Delivery Plan” separately, and we can start making songs with top priority.

In that case, delivery of the provisional sound source is possible within the next day ~ 2 days. * Fee will be charged separately with advance money.
Depending on the order status in progress, we may be unable to respond.


Q, Which process is smooth, although I would like to request music production for movies?

(A) After completing the movie, request songs based on it

(B) Ask the song first and create a movie from there


We can produce either process. Relatively, it is often that you receive a request with ⑵.

As for the charge of the retake (correction) for linking the video and the music, in principle additionally does not occur, I think that you can rest assured.


In case of (A), when you request, URL and etc. of the video file linked together should be attached and sent, it is OK. In accordance with the atmosphere of the movie and the image of the client, we will start to produce music.

In case of (B), we will first make music composition according to the image of the client and we will send you a temporary sound source from here. You can produce a movie based on that temporary sound source, and you can fix it again.


Q, What kind of materials do you need for requesting music production?

As for the necessary materials (planning PDF, image under production, sound source for reference, etc.), please do not mind as long as you can show the actual thing, please attach it and send it.

Examples of game use: game title, worldview, character, script of the scene to be used, etc.

Example of animated use: Opening image of the event, cut to be used, number of scenes, story etc.

Please tell us about the selection of the desired genre (rock, techno, orchestra, piano) and simple images (bright / moist, melancholy · passionate · sprint feeling · drums fierce · tempo early) etc.

Finally, please tell us the time scale of the entire song. Example: About 3:30

We will respond as much as possible even if the materials are not gathered by any means.


Q, I’d like to have a meeting directly with the contents to ask for music production

You can schedule the meeting and meet directly, or meet with a web conference or telephone.

Please consult about the schedule adjustment as soon as possible.


Q, Can you submit a bill related to the cost of music production?

Is possible. If you let us know in advance, we will send it by data or post after completion of work process.


Q, Can I specify the file format of the delivery sound source?

You can export to various formats such as wav, mp3, ogg, aiff, and wma.

You can respond to requests such as desired sampling rate, bit rate, compression according to file size, etc.

(The wav file is 96 kHz, 24 bits is the upper limit.)


Q, What is the payment method for expenses?

Currently we respond to Japanese bank transfers or billing on Paypal.

For the payment fee etc., we will bear the client.

In the case of Paypal, we will charge a fee for adding service fee receipt fee.

In addition, we will correspond as much as possible about payment method, so please consult.