How to Order

Currently we are accepting requests for instruments such as instruments, vocals

and re-editing of already released sound sources.

Regardless of individuals or corporations, we will produce sound sources tailored to

the uses and demands of images, games, applications and so on.


About price


Fee for Instrumental music production

120 sec ¥ 35,000 ~

Fee for music production with songs

120 sec ¥ 70,000 ~

* It changes from the presentation fee according to genre and music editing contents.
* For details on re-editing existing sound sources, please see this FAQ.


Flow to payment, production and delivery


⑴ Send request of sound source production from mail form

Please fill out the details of the sound source production request from this mail form and send it.

※ This site is in compliance with the privacy policy, concerning the client’s name (HN etc.), company name, and request content,

There is no disclosure at all without permission.


⑵ Check the quotation details

Based on the contents of the request we received, we will create a quote here. (If invoices are necessary, we will issue them separately.)

Regarding the contents of the quotation, if you receive your consent, we will proceed to the next step.


⑶ Transfer to designated account

Transfer corresponds to specified bank account or paypal.

Regarding other methods, please do not hesitate to consult as we will correspond as much as possible.


④ Creation / submission of temporary sound source

We will produce a temporary sound source of the sound source of the request contents.

Regarding the delivery date of the provisional sound source, if you do not specify it will be completed in about 1 week to 2 weeks.

If there is a retake, we will correct the sound source.


(5) Acceptance of delivered sound source

Finally, when the correction part is gone, we will deliver the sound source.

The custom-made music will pass to you.


Regarding modification of temporary sound source (retake)


It is free up to 3 times. (Necessary consultation after the fourth time)

However, there is a demand that is fundamentally altered from the original image, and when you start the production from the beginning, we may request a separate fee.


About license (copyrights)


Unless there is a special agreement, the tone generator produced by individual request will transfer the usage right of the song.

Regarding what you can allow us to freely sell or publish the songs you have not requested to purchase the usage rights of the songs and delivered,

We will apply a license cut discount (-50% OFF) from production fee.


About inquiries about request


Please send us your request contents from this mail form.

In addition, please do not hesitate to consult us about the sound source production not described on this site.