Today, Japan’s Prime Minister has declared a month-long state of emergency for the prefecture where I live due to the spread of COVID-19. Though, I can accept the request of creating music with no worries because I’m creating music in my home studio. I am preventing infectious diseases as much as possible. Please be careful, […]

Music Asset Vol.6 “Legendary Boss Fight Game Music” will be sold this weekend!! Woohoo!! When you create something, you want to create something only you can express.That is the pleasure of creation. yea I know that. Of course there are many difficulties in creating. It will take years to complete a game. In the process, […]

I am now lamenting the terrible status of the world due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).The invisible virus has made people around the world distrust each other and have been isolated. This sad event drives me so that everyone can download music for paid-free. I hope that the disaster will be converged as soon as possible. […]

Only now, you can download full length version as free-pay.Thank you for reading this journal every day! Download Link (m4a file 4.4MB)  Closed Buy Link (Royalty-Free Music): Gamedev Market I hope your game and media production will be even more fun!

New royalty-free music has arrived! It was produced for events tomorrow of International Women’s Day (advised from 100 Audio, thanks). It seems to be Bright, pop, girly and heart-warming, with a focus on strings and piano.This could be fits for various game scenes, or for YouTube and video marketing. There are 3 patterns:(30sec, 60sec, full […]