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We are accepting requests for composing tracks such as instruments, vocals

and also re-editing of post-released tracks.

Regardless of individuals or corporations, we will produce sound tracks for video promotions, games, events and so on.

About Price

Please Click this link and see price list.

*If you want to know more details,  Please send message to me from contact form.

Flow to payment, production and delivery


1, Send Message from Contact Form

Please fill out the details of music track which you want to get.

I do not disclose information such as your name or email address to third parties.


2, Check the Details of Quotation

Once I receive the production request information, we will create a quote and send it to you.

If you want a bill, I will create and send it to you.

If the quotation is okay, proceed to the next step.


3, Payment Transfer 

You can transfer the money to a bank or pay using paypal or ALIPAY.

If you want any other payment method, please tell me.


4, Receive Draft Music track

You can receive the draft track in a week.

If you want to modify the draft music track, I will respond up to three times. Additional charges will occur after 4 times.


5, Receive the Completed Music track

You received the original music track. Congratulations!