Commission Work Order Request

We are accepting requests for commission work to create new music, such as instrument tracks, vocal tracks, and re-editing of music tracks already we released.

Regardless of individuals or corporations, we will produce music for indie video games, promotions, trailers and so on.


Price of Music Production

Instrument Track Initial Cost
(First 30sec)
Instrument Track +Every 30 secInitial cost + 50USD
Vocal Track Initial Cost
(First 1min 30sec)
Vocal Track +Every 30 secInitial cost + 100USD
Sound Effect30USD
No Transfer of Copyright50% OFF

Price of Re-editing Music

Delete or change instruments50USD
Change music length100USD
Change to seamless loop compatible ogg file40USD per music track
Change lyrics or replace vocals200USD
Change intro or outro100USD
Replace an instrument part with a live performance track.ASK
Deliver wav format master file30USD per music track
Right to use music in adult contents30USD per music track
  • Depending on the genre and song editing content, the price may vary from the offered price.
  • Please see this page for frequently asked questions.

Flow of Production

1, Send message from contact form

Contact Form
Please tell me the details of music track which you want to get.

We do not disclose information (such as your name, email address) to others.

2, Confirm the estimate

Once we receive your request, we will create an estimate and send it to you.

If you want an invoice, we will send you.

3, Payment

Please make advance payment.
If you are a corporation and sign a contract with each other,
you don’t have to pay in advance.

You can use PayPal for payment.
Please remit in the amount including the receiving fee.
(International payments: 4.1% + Fixed Fee)
User agreement for PayPal Services

If you want any other payment method, please tell me.

4, Check draft music track

Once you have confirmed your payment,
we will send you a draft music within 5 working days.

If you want to modify the draft, we will retake up to 3 times without additional fees.

5, Receive complete music track.