Terms of service


Please adhere to the following licensing rules while using the copyright-free music source sold on this website.

At the time of downloading the music source of this website, you consent to comply with the following licensing rules.


Licensing Rules

  • Purchased or downloaded works can be used for various contents such as games and videos.
  • Whether you are an individual or a corporation, it can be used any number of times without time limitations. There is no incremental cost or application.

  • The music source can be edited freely. (Fade out, change of playback parts, change of pitch, etc.)

  • It can also be used as background music for adult content (R-18) and CERO rated works.


Examples of the usable range


  • Games and other applications

  • Promotional videos such as VPs and commercials

  • Video works such as TV programs and films

  • Use at various events, wedding halls, and funeral halls

  • Internet radio works such as podcasts and audio dramas

  • Video upload to YouTube or other video distribution platforms



  • Regardless of whether undertaken for profit or non-profit purposes, secondary distribution or sale of the contents of the music source are prohibited 

    (However, it is permitted when the contents of the music source cannot be encrypted due to the characteristics of the production tool such as RPG Maker.)





  • We assume no responsibility for any accidents or any disadvantages which may be caused by the use, or purchase of this website contents.

  • Please note that this website contents may be subject to change or deletion without notice. We may also close down this website at any time.

  • The owners of this website can change it as they like when the terms of use of the music source we sell results in any revisions. Any amendments will be reported on this page.

For the credit descriptions and usage reports


The credit descriptions of the work using the music source are optional. There is no obligation to report your usage.

If you want to use it for end credits or readme etc., it should be displayed as follows.



Composer: ISAo



If you have any other questions about the music source, please do not hesitate to contact us.