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777 Sound Effects! Great for JRPGs, Asian and Western MMORPGs, Battle Arena games, Animes, and more!

Feature No.1 → 9 Magic Elements

Each magic element comes with a variety of spells ranging from basic to epic: buff, cast, debuffs, projectiles, whooshes, impacts with variations in pitch, intensity, and speed.

All these magic sounds are specially designed, edited, and meta-tagged to be modular and ready-to-use.

Use each sound standalone or as a building block to craft your unique spells!

Feature No.2 → Critical & Missed Attack Sounds
Each element comes with critical impact sounds for that extra punch and excitement, while missed attack sounds add another level of realism to any project.


Album Contains:

  • Dark Magic (85)
  • Electric Magic (80)
  • Fire Magic (82)
  • Generic Magic and Impacts (96)
  • Ice Magic (70)
  • Light Magic (79)
  • Plasma Magic (86)
  • UI, Pads, Enchantments, and Misc (42)
  • Water Magic (84)
  • Wind Magic (73)



Format: wav - stereo, 48kHz, 24bit
Sound List: https://bit.ly/RPG3_List_WS


Character Art Credit:
JewelSaviorFREE, URL: http://www.jewel-s.jp/


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