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The Clockwork Airship Game Music

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Dedicated to all scriptwriters, the ultimate fantasy game music collection!

The theme of this collection is a steampunk fantasy in which you travel through the magnificent world of the sky on an airship.
They include ethnic orchestra with dynamic rhythms and melodies that overflow with a sense of adventure, intense and high-tempo fight music that enhances the passion and drama of battle scenes, as well as moving piano and string compositions that evoke memories of the past and create climactic moments in the story.
This collection includes a diverse range of genres. Not only for steampunk-themed works, but also for any fantasy works. These background music pieces can further enhance your game scripts.

The high-tempo passionate melodies of these music pieces will enrich the expression of any creative story and inspire new ideas. Now let's go on a fantastic air trip to get inspired!

In this package you'll find totally 17 music tracks.
All of the wav tracks are available as high quality 16 bit, and high quality re-mastered for using in games.
To improve the usability, a short version of the WAV data, which is about 60 seconds, long have been enclosed.
And, this pack includes ogg vorbis seamless loop and mpeg-4 aac version of each music track.

-------Version Released

April 24, 2023
First release

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01. Ava Quatermain (2:33)
02. Recapture (2:44)
03. February Fair-maid (1:15)
04. Charlotte's Lab (2:29)
05. Ark of the Rebels (3:18)
06. Reminisce (Tenor Ocarina ver.)(2:20)
07. Alea Iacta Est! (1:54)
08. Sinisterly (2:03)
09. The Victorians (2:50)
10. Dreadnought (3:26)
11. Greyscale Scenery II (3:21)
12. Noir (3:43)
13. Lost Gears (2:00)
14. Anti-Hero Ex Machina (5:35)
15. Last Confession II (4:03)
16. Determined (3:33)
17. Reminisce II (2:39)


Total 17 High-Quality Mastered Music Tracks

44.1kHz 16bit Stereo WAV Files

Ogg Vorbis Seamless Loop of Each Track

MPEG-4 (AAC files) of Each Track

60sec Short Loop Version of Each Track

All Tracks are Royalty-Free

File Size : (1.01GB) - Digital Download Only