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"Vol.7 Dark Gothic Mysterious Game Music"
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Our Interview with CodeCAT

"I believe that game creation is a comprehensive art form that combines various genres such as literature, mathematics, and music. That's why I al...

Recent Projects - Midnight Girls R

Battle and home music are provided by SOUND AIRYLUVS A Japanese Browser Porn Game.   FANZA GAMES.R18 (This game may includes sexual contents) "ミッド...

Recent Projects - Starbreath

Music by ISAo (SOUND AIRYLUVS)   https://www.indiedb.com/games/starbreath ©️SomniumWorks

Recent Projects - SF Girls

SF Girls - Action Adventure Porn Game. 15 music tracks were provided for this game by SOUND AIRYLUVS.   *This game may contains sexual content* htt...