Sales & Purchasing


"The price of a product may be slightly different over time.Why does that happen? "

All the prices on this page are pegged to the US dollars. If you select another currency (Japanese Yen, Euro, Korean Won, Chinese Renminbi), exchange rate fluctuations may affect the price of a product.

If you choose “PayPal Express Checkout” as your payment method, you may be charged a foreign currency transaction fee, depending on your account settings. Please note that you may be charged more than the original price of the product. If you use “Shopify Payment” as your payment method, you will be able to make a payment without any additional fee.


"I cannot make a payment via PayPal. Why?"

At this time, the only currencies that can be paid with our PayPal account are US Dollars, Euros, and Japanese Yen. If you are unable to choose to pay with PayPal, please select these currencies again and then add the item to your cart.



"I purchased a product, but haven't received any download information. Where is it?"

Once a purchase is made from our store, a confirmation e-mail is sent from us to you with your download link. Some e-mail clients may flag these emails as SPAM (Gmail sometimes will filter our download emails to the PROMOTIONS inbox). Please be sure to check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS inboxes if you have not received your download links and instructions.


"I’m not happy with my purchase. Can I get a refund?"

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our music files, we do not offer refunds on products. If you purchased a product and are unable to use it, please send us a message.

"I want to get an invoice or a receipt for the payments."

Send us a message and tell me your order number.

We will send the payment invoice or receipt within 2-3 business days.





"I couldn't open a zip file. What's the problem?"

We use WinArvhicer for mac with the product. We have confirmed that it can be decompressed with standard software for both Windows and Mac OS. If that doesn't work, retry on a different PC or software.


"I couldn't open music files. What's the problem?"

Make sure your monitor and headphones are at the proper volume. If the files are corrupted, the may not be extracted properly. please try again.

"Can I edit loop-start point and loop-end in ogg files?"

Sure. You can download free audio editing tools (ex:Audacity) and edit the area of the song from the loop start to the loop end freely.