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CYAN TRIBE 2097 Game Music (Vol.11)

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A Collection of Cyberpunk-style music pack that Paints Dystopian Future World!

This collection of music asset, the 11th in the series, contains 17 high-end and unique tracks that combine a magnificent and fantastic cinematic orchestra with synth sounds that create a profound dark ambient.

By using the music asset in important scenes that show the story of the scenario, such as the eye-catching trailer movie, the opening title screen, action-packed battle scenes, and the emotional climax, your work will be as deep as a movie.

Some of the most popular songs from the past have been remade and re-arranged in this work.

One of the main features is that it is not a collection of monotonous ambient or electro music, but rather, all of the songs in the collection are material that deeply shows some kind of background in the work or the internal portrayal of the characters, and it does its job well in situations where it wants to impress the player.

They can be used in various scenes, not only in cyberpunk works, but also in many other genres.

Release Date: Dec 13, 2021

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Total 17 High-Quality Mastered Music Tracks

44.1kHz 16bit Stereo WAV Files

Ogg Vorbis Seamless Loop of Each Track

MPEG-4 (AAC files) of Each Track

60sec Short Loop Version of Each Track

All Tracks are Royalty-Free

File Size : (1.23GB) - Digital Download Only


01. Artemis (4:05)
02. Black Out (2:08)
03. Savage Junkies (3:10)
04. Aura Storm (3:36)
05. Undertaker (2:41)
06. Dark Engel 2097 (2:04)
07. Queen Bee (4th generation) (1:58)
08. Dead End Strike II (2:15)
09. Cold Storage (3:37)
10. Ideal (2:29)
11. My Weakness (3:36)
12. Humanity (1:47)
13. Altimathure Night II (4:17)
14. Cyan Tribe (3:55)
15. Blaze (7:20)
16. As New Era Unfolds (3:13)
17. Eliminate Locked (1:23)