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Sakura Falling Mirage Game Music (Vol.12)

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A collection of nostalgic and emotional Japanese-style music pack depicting Ancient Japanese History.

This collection of music asset, the 12th in the series, contains 15 emotional pieces using gentle piano, strings instruments, and Japanese instruments that evoke historical stories.

The relaxing and rich melodies, with an emphasis on the Japanese atmosphere, create a beautiful Japanese scene.
Also included are a number of music tracks that fit perfectly into battle scenes! The majestic and intense musical material of Japanese instruments will make your story moving.
Some of the most popular songs from the past have been remade and re-arranged in this work.

The first song, "Koborezakura," features singer-songwriter "Kaito Akatsuka" as vocalist and lyricist "Obore Sakuni" as lyricist.
The songs with unique haiku-inspired Japanese lyrics that combines "Trap Beat" and "Japanese-style" will be the only game music material in the world.

The songs can be used in various game genres, such as Japanese Asian novel games and RPGs. We hope you will work on your own game projects with this new sensible style music!

In this package you'll find totally 15 music tracks.(1 vocal Track and 14 music tracks.
All of the wav tracks are available as high quality 16 bit, and high quality re-mastered for using in games.
To improve the usability, a short version of the WAV data, which is about 60 seconds, long have been enclosed.
And, this pack includes ogg vorbis seamless loop and mpeg-4 aac version of each music track.


Release Date: Oct 21, 2022

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01. 零々桜 Koborezakura (1:57)
02. 古郷 Furusato (3:16)
03. 腕白 Wanpaku (1:14)
04. 華舞 Hirara (2:32)
05. 邂逅 Kaikou (3:18)
06. 秘剣 Hiken (1:56)
07. 壇ノ浦 Dan-no-ura (2:52)
08. 詭計 Kikei (2:35)
09. 仮初の宿 Karisome-no-yado (2:58)
10. 紅白雪 Benishirayuki (6:06)
11. Melty II (4:49)
12. み雪 Miyuki (2:36)
13. Away From The Moment II (5:58)
14. 澪を標 Miwotsukushi (2:06)
15. 零々桜 -Instrumental- (1:57)


Total 15 High-Quality Mastered Music Tracks

1 Vocal Track and 14 Instrumental Tracks

44.1kHz 16bit Stereo WAV Files

Ogg Vorbis Seamless Loop of Each Track

MPEG-4 (AAC files) of Each Track

60sec Short Loop Version of Each Track

All Tracks are Royalty-Free

File Size : (819MB) - Digital Download Only