[50% OFF] Warfare Shooters Game Music

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Epic cinematic soundscape and intense metal rock style music.

This perfectly fits for war battlefield games, movie trailers, shooter action games.



  • Total 18 High-Quality Mastered Music Tracks
  • 18 Instrumental Music Tracks
  • 44.1kHz 16bit Stereo WAV Files
  • Ogg Vorbis Seamless Loop of Each Track
  • MPEG-4 (AAC files) of Each Track
  • All Tracks are Royalty-Free
  • File Size : (727MB) - Digital Download Only
  • This album is only available in the original store (removed some bonus music that was duplicated with other assets and reduced the price)



01. Ammo Regen
02. Underscout
03. Rage Out of Control
04. Enemy Waves
05. The Assembly
06. Anti-phase Metro Synchronicity
07. Until The Very End
08. Devastates
09. Old Sana'a Madinat Therm
10. B8d toys
11. Paranormal
12. Prometeus
13. Commander
14. Construction
15. Xaerotric
16. Suspection
17. The lead was taken
18. Jingle_Achievement

Release Date: June 23, 2021

(November 11, 2019 First release)

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