Fees for commission works are subject to change at the beginning of March, June, September and December.

To hire me to compose custom music for your projects, or you need original music such as instrument music, vocal music, and remaking of music tracks which has already published.

Input your music needs into the form below, then send me message to schedule and share any additional details about your project.
Whether you are an individual or a company, I’m waiting for your message.



Create Original Custom Music 

Initial cost for 1 music track $370.00USD
Charges for every 30 seconds of music length $150.00USD
Charges for producing seamless ogg file $40.00USD per music track
Initial cost for 1 vocal song





Fee for a 90 seconds in length instrumental music piece with ogg seamless loop file.

Initial cost ($370.00) + 90 seconds ($450.00) + ogg loop ($40.00) = $860.00USD



Re-editing of existing game music assets

Initial cost for re-editing 1 music track $200.00USD


+ Additional charges will vary depending on the nature of the work. 




1, Send message from Contact Form

Please tell me the details of music you need.

  • What kind of music do you need? (ex: a game project, a movie trailer)
  • How many minutes of custom music do you need?
  • Do you need loop-able music?(ex: ogg files, separated wav files)
  • Reference music you want to mention (I’m happy if there are URLs or attachments)

And, I swear that I will never disclose your information (such as your name, email address) to others.


2, Confirm the estimate

I will give you an estimate. Please check it up. 


3, Payment

The payment is made using Shopify's cart system.

I will send you the URL address, so please complete the payment.

If you want to use another payment, please tell me.


4, Check temp version of custom music

Once you have confirmed your payment,
I will send you a temp version of music within 14 working days.
Please feedback me when you received them.

If you need modification, I will fix and send them again.


5, Check complete version of custom music

Congratulations! Here is original custom music for your project!




Limits on the number of modifications to custom music production

The number of modifications is limited to 2nd time.
However, if the temp version sent in step 4 is rejected, it is included in this count.

A charge will be applied after the 3rd time.



About Music License

The transfer of copyright is included in the cost of each producing the custom original music. You can use it for your project, also sell or modify it.

If it doesn’t fit your budget, I will propose another plan that does not transfer the license completely.
If you leave the right to sell or modify the produced music to me, You can save up to 30% on custom music production costs. You can still use the music in your projects, and it will be shared with other creators as well. I recommend the plan to individual indie game developers.


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